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Many of the commands presented below can be executed in Nana-chan's DM to avoid #bot-room flood.


In WaiColle you collect characters from your personal anime/manga list if you register yours, else from the server pool of characters.


Send /register in #bot-room to enter the register menu.

Select 📺 first to register your AniList or MyAnimeList if you have one, then re-enter the menu and select 👰‍♀️ to register you into WaiColle.

Then you have to choose your game mode:

  • 👰‍♀️ WAIFU: filters Female and Non-binary characters.
  • 👰‍♂️ HUSBANDO: filters Male and Non-binary characters.
  • 👰 ALL: well, filters nothing.

You can change game mode at any moment via /register.

Be aware that many characters are not tagged with their genre hence do not appear in WAIFU or HUSBANDO mode.

After your choice you are welcomed with a 10-drop to start your journey!

Obtain characters

There are serval ways to complete your perfect collection in this game:

Random drops

Every random.randint(0, DROP_RATE) messages on the server, a 👰‍♀️ will appear in reaction of the last message. You have 30 seconds to react on this emote too and obtain a 1-drop in #bot-room.

Event drops

By participating in club activities you will be rewarded each time with a random.randint(1, 3)-drop. Simple.

When registered to WaiColle, you earn 1 moecoin on each message sent on Discord, and 2 on weekends, starting Friday 6pm.

You can spend this money on rolls via /waifu roll and check how many moecoins you have with /waifu coins.

In addition, there is a Daily roll on a random tag that costs 75 moecoins the first time of the day.

Rerolls and trades

If you possess one or more characters you don't like, you can reroll them with /waifu reroll.

  • 1 character: 1/3 chance of success
  • 2 characters: 2/3 chance of success
  • 3 characters: 1 character guaranteed
  • 4 characters: 1 character guaranteed + 1/3 chance of success for a second
  • ...

Obtained characters have a rank equal or higher than the least ranked character you offered.

You can also trade with other players with /waifu trade <other player>.


Rerolled characters go to Nana-chan. Players can obtain charachters from her list in exchange of blood.

Exchange owned characters for blood with /waifu blood.

Obtain characters from Nana-chan in exchange of blood with /waifu offering <ID> where ID is the AniList ID of the character you want (present at the footer of any character embed).

Collection management

Characters of your collection can be listed with /waifu list [filter]. Filters are detailed on the commands page.


To prevent accidental rerolls of you favorites characters, feel free to lock them with /waifu lock.

They will no longer appear in selection menus and obtain a 🔒 badge.

You can unlock characters at any time with /waifu unlock.


If you have 4 copies of the same character you can exchange them for an ascended version of this character with /waifu ascend.

Ascended characters are 4 times bigger in Discord collages and obtain the ⭐ badge.

Collages and albums

Collages and albums are visual ways to check your collection and others ones.

An interactive online collage is available here.

Check the commands page for Discord collages and albums.

Track lists

Track lists are a great way to track your progress in the game and alert other players that you might be interested in characters they might not before a possible reroll.

Check the commands page to learn how to use them.

I have questions

Check the Q&A or feel free to ask the devs and other players on #waicolle!